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Whistle-blower Says VA Ignored Data- Could Have Saved Lives

Whistle-blower says VA ignored data that could have helped suicidal, sick veterans | Fox News.

“The highest-level whistle-blower ever to come forward at the Department of Veterans Affairs is leveling accusations of serious ethical lapses, claiming an agency intentionally manipulated and suppressed data which resulted in veterans — particularly suicidal veterans — being denied critical care.”

Having a father who fought in Vietnam and a brother who fought in Afghanistan, I know that there are not only physical, but mental scars that remain from time spent in combat. The VA is supposed to be an organization with the highest ethical standards, whose goal is to support veterans. Apparently, the organization has some serious flaws- even to the point of trying to cover up data which showed veterans were in need of additional medical care. My guess, is that the VA is doing this to cut costs. I hope there is a full investigation and an improvement in services to our valuable veterans; particularly in the area of mental health.


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Margaret Thatcher Dies at 87

Fox News Live Video – Fox News.

Margaret Thatcher died today at age 87. Many hail her legacy as former British Prime Minister and others complain that her policy choices (especially against Unions) continues to leave a negative legacy. This video was interesting.

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Downside to Increased Life Expectancy?

Downside to increase in life expectancy? | Fox News Video.

Do you want our government to reduce its debt? Are you willing to postpone receiving Medicare? Currently, seniors receive Medicare at age 65. But what if Medicare benefits weren’t given until till age 68 or beyond? As the life expectancy increases for Americans, this is a possibility and will certainly be debated in the future. Many seniors are upset about this and groups like AARP have taken a firm stand against it. This video was interesting and informative.

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Breast Cancer Screenings Cost Medicare $1 Billion

Breast Cancer Screenings Cost Medicare $1 Billion Annually – ABC News.

Have you ever considered how much money is spent screening for breast cancer?  According to an article this week from abc news, “Medicare spends almost as much money screening for breast cancer as it does treating it, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.”   For women age 75 and older, $410 million was spent.  A question was raised as to whether or not this was the best use of these funds (ie, is there a cheaper way to screen and were lives saved?)  The study only had a two year follow up with patients. The American Cancer Society still recommends annual breast cancer screenings for women over 40.

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Baby Boomers Nix Nursing Homes in Favor of Multi-Generational Housing


Baby Boomers Nix Nursing Homes in Favor of Multi-Generational Housing | Fox News

When you think of where you want to live when you need some assistance in your old age…. do you think of an assisted living?  Everyone wants to live as independent as long as possible.  For seniors who need limited assistance, multi-generational housing is a terrific solution.  You can be close to your loved ones and receive help as you need it; yet remain independent in a private apartment within a home.

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87 Year Old Doc Charges $5 per Visit

87-year-old doctor charges $5 per visit | Fox News.
How much does a typical doctor’s office visit cost?  How passionate are you about your job or profession?  Read this article about a 87 year old doctor who is totally committed to his job as a doctor and he only charges $5. per visit.  Do you think he still experiences pride and joy even though he is aged?  I think so.  Its pretty cool.

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Medicare Update

Not Shopping for Medicare May Cost You in 2013.
According to this article by Morningstar, the cost of health care is what keeps many seniors up at night.  This article provides very detailed information on Medicare.  Its a lot to take in, but would be very beneficial to read for someone over age 65. is a tremendous website full of helpful information; particularly related to finances and the economy.

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