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Scientists Discover DNA Body Clock


Scientists discover DNA body clock | Science |

This was an incredibly interesting article about our bodies. Did you know that “while many healthy tissues age at the same rate as the body as a whole, some of them age much faster or slower. The age of diseased organs varied hugely, with some many tens of years “older” than healthy tissue in the same person, according to the clock.”

The article discussed some of the scientists’ findings- for example, the brain tumors of children were biologically aged over 80 years.

“Researchers say that unravelling the mechanisms behind the clock will help them understand the ageing process and hopefully lead to drugs and other interventions that slow it down.”

For more, read this fascinating article.


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Scientists Stop Brain Cells From Dying in Mice


Scientists stop brain cells in mice from dying in potential Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough | Fox News.

A British team of scientists have found a way to halt the death of brain cells in mice. This could represent a breakthrough in the treatment of neurological diseases.

The team induced (created) a neurodegenerative disease in the mice. A drug-like compound was injected into the stomach of a group of mice. According to the study, “the mice who were treated remained free of symptoms like memory loss, impaired reflexes, and limb dragging five weeks later. The treated mice also lived longer than the untreated mice.” *These mice did have side effects, such as weight loss and increased sugar levels.

It is good to know that while we play and sleep, there are others working diligently to find better treatments for Alzheimer’s and other diseases like Parkinson’s.

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Ethiopian Claims He is 160


Ethiopian farmer claims he is 160 years old | Fox News.

An Ethopian farmer claims he is 160 years old. When interviewed, he could still recall clearly parts of history when Italy invaded his country. When he grew up, it was an oral society; thus no birth certificate. Tests will be done to determine his actual age. Currently, the oldest living person is 115 and he would beat that record. I was curious though, what “test” could be run to determine his age? I wish the article would have elaborated about this.

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Brain “Pacemakers” in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

Scientists turn to 'brain pacemakers' in fight against Alzheimer's | Fox News.

As the medical community strives to combat Alzheimer’s disease, there is a new experiment to maintain or even revive the brain of individuals with Alzheimer’s. By stimulating the brain with a special electrical device, scientists hope to improve the lives of those suffering with Alzheimer’s. It is currently being used on a small group of individuals. Follow up for a few years will be necessary to conclude the effectiveness of the device.

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QR Codes on Headstones

The ultimate dead spot? QR codes on headstones offer a digital legacy | Fox News.

Wow, this was interesting… technology is now entering the cemetery.  You can take your smart phone and scan a code placed on the headstone of a deceased family member and see an instant video of their life.  My first thought, is that it’s just a money making scheme.  (Hey, good for them- I need some money making ideas…)

For those those individuals who actually visit the cemetery, how many will want to see a video of the life of a deceased loved one right then and there?  It is certainly nice to see a video, but I’d rather do it at home on the couch.  It seems that it might be a little creepy and sad at the same time to watch the video while in the cemetery.

Two other issues to consider is the cost to buy the code/video and that anyone (not just family) could view the video.  What do you think?

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The iPad and Older Adults

Do you know of an older adult who thinks the internet is something you find at the library?  It is quite difficult to explain what the internet is and its benefits to an older adult (who for whatever reason) has become somewhat isolated from modern technology.

My husband’s grandfather recently received a “tutorial” from his much younger family members about the benefits of the iPad.  He was curious about the new technology and was intrigued as they showed him an iPad and all its neat tricks.  At the end of their discussion, however, he didn’t think he would purchase one (because he rarely uses his desk top computer as it is).  Read the rest of this entry »

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