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Poem- Cranky Old Man

The Wise Old Man.
This poem is taken from another site and is quite inspirational.  (Scroll down on their site for the full poem.  Its worth the read.)
It is called  “Cranky Old Man”.  It is a good reminder for all who work with seniors to remember the young person inside– to always give the respect and honor that is due… to remember the life they once had.  If caregivers ONLY see the senior as an “old” person who is helpless and even difficult to care for at times…then care giving will be ten times more challenging.  But, when you consider the person they have been MOST of their life, (prior to getting frail and sick) then you have a fresh and much healthier perspective.  You can then see the senior for who they are….. someone who is unique, special, and deserves good care.  Someone, at a different time and place…you might have been really great friends with.


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Ways To Support An Older Adult With Cancer

Have you ever known an older adult who battled cancer?  An individual with cancer often experiences a full range of emotions:  shock, fear, anger, bitterness, confusion and depression.  There are two main ways to support your family member, friend, or co-worker who has cancer.  The first, is to give emotional support and the second (and just as meaningful), is practical help.

Individuals with cancer are uncertain about their future, are unfamiliar with the health care professionals and treatments, and experience increased isolation as they may miss work or community functions in which they were previously active. Read the rest of this entry »

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