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Hair Loss and Chronic Stress


Hair Shows Chronic Stress Levels, Heart Attack Risk – AARP.

Did you know that ongoing high levels of stress not only affect things like your quality of sleep and your blood pressure, but can affect the health of your hair.

If you have thinning hair, consult your doctor for basic blood work to check for vitamins your body may be lacking and to see if your thyroid is functioning properly.  Finally and equally important, check the level of stress in your life.

Depending on the situation such as a death in the family or a divorce, that is easier said than done.  Nevertheless, we can all take steps to reduce stress, such as talking to a close friend, going for a walk, or even taking the time to sit and pet a cat or dog.


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Having a Mid-Life Crisis?


Men’s Midlife Crisis: What to Do.

A reader of this blog recently sent me some information regarding the financial cost of a mid-life crisis (*See link below).  I have considered the depression and anxiety that accompanies a mid-life crisis and how choices that are made abruptly can affect the entire family (such as an affair or divorce).  But I have never considered the financial cost- such as the cost of an expensive car, a breast augmentation, etc.

I also hadn’t considered that women can experience this as well.  I have always assumed it was primarily about men- as the mid-life crisis is often associated with the primary provider’s feelings of being “stuck” in a career he hates.  So, thank you to my reader who sent me this information- it got me thinking and doing some reading.

I found some terrific suggestions on how to deal with those feelings of dissatisfaction that often spur on a mid-life crisis.  Here are some suggestions from web-md if you are in a slump and want to make wise decisions: Read the rest of this entry »

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Couple to Remarry after 48 Years of Divorce

NY Couple, 85, to Remarry 48 Years After Divorce – ABC News.

Do you have parents who are divorced?  Do you secretly wish they would remarry?  The couple in this article was divorced for 48 years (his second wife recently died) and they have decided after all these years to remarry.  Their children (well into their adult years) are super excited!  During their first marriage, they had no children… but at their second marriage, they’ll be supported by four additional generations.  Its pretty special.

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