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Having a Mid-Life Crisis?


Men’s Midlife Crisis: What to Do.

A reader of this blog recently sent me some information regarding the financial cost of a mid-life crisis (*See link below).  I have considered the depression and anxiety that accompanies a mid-life crisis and how choices that are made abruptly can affect the entire family (such as an affair or divorce).  But I have never considered the financial cost- such as the cost of an expensive car, a breast augmentation, etc.

I also hadn’t considered that women can experience this as well.  I have always assumed it was primarily about men- as the mid-life crisis is often associated with the primary provider’s feelings of being “stuck” in a career he hates.  So, thank you to my reader who sent me this information- it got me thinking and doing some reading.

I found some terrific suggestions on how to deal with those feelings of dissatisfaction that often spur on a mid-life crisis.  Here are some suggestions from web-md if you are in a slump and want to make wise decisions: Read the rest of this entry »


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