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Ethiopian Claims He is 160


Ethiopian farmer claims he is 160 years old | Fox News.

An Ethopian farmer claims he is 160 years old. When interviewed, he could still recall clearly parts of history when Italy invaded his country. When he grew up, it was an oral society; thus no birth certificate. Tests will be done to determine his actual age. Currently, the oldest living person is 115 and he would beat that record. I was curious though, what “test” could be run to determine his age? I wish the article would have elaborated about this.


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Have A Generous Spirit? You May Live Longer…

flower-8539_640 – Generous spirit may yield generous life span.

Even thought this article 10 years old, it is still relevant.  For seniors, the desire to volunteer, or to continue to give to others appears to actually increase life expectancy.  A scientific study was conducted and found this to be true. It found that people who were primarily on the “receiving” end, did NOT live longer.  Those who were “givers” tended to live longer.
Note- a “giver” was not defined as a caregiver for someone with a serious illness like Alzheimer’s. Those caregivers who give and give tend to burn out, and actually have more health problems. Interesting.

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Weight in The U.S. – There are Real Consequences

HBO: The Weight of the Nation: Films: Main.

Is your health important to you?  If you said “yes”, then great!  I’ll challenge you to watch this incredibly important documentary about the weight (health) crisis in the U.S.  After watching it, I’ll ask you again… “Is your health important to you?”  You might rethink some of your daily choices in regards to nutrition and exercise.  Having watched the first three parts of this documentary, and having lived in another country for two years, I can say that my own views on health have changed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer

New research suggests coffee drinkers may live longer –
Do you love coffee like I do?  This research comes from 2012, but it is still relevant: it shows that there are health benefits to drinking multiple cups of coffee on a daily basis.  Add in cream and sugar and the benefits are reduced (because of added fat).  Try low fat milk and Splenda:)

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Global Life Expectancy for Women

Japanese Women lose out to Hong Kong in global life expectancy | Fox News.
Have you ever wondered who holds the title for global life expectancy?  Women in general outlive men, but the Japanese women have held the title for longest life expectancy for the past 25 years.  Unfortunately for the Japanese women, this has recently changed.  Now, women in Hong Kong hold the title.   Interestingly, the life expectancy for women in the United States is 81 and the life expectancy for women in Hong Kong is 86.

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