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Did you know that Spain has over 100,000 individuals over 100?  They are the leading country with centenarians -after Japan.  For some tips from those over 100, on how to live a long life, read this article!


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It’s confirmed: This 116-year-old Italian woman is the oldest person in the world


Emma Morano is 116 years old and lives in Italy. She credits her long life to leaving her husband, living single, and eating raw eggs.

Source: It’s confirmed: This 116-year-old Italian woman is the oldest person in the world – The Washington Post

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Senior Citizens Pose Nude for Charity Calendar in Ohio

Senior Citizens Pose Nude for Charity Calendar in Ohio :

In this article women in their 80’s and 90’s find a creative way to raise money- they pose in some semi-nude photos.  The proceeds from the poster will go toward a charity that helps children.  At the bottom of this page though is an incredibly touching story- much more interesting….  Three sisters who are all over 100 all come together for a visit.  Apparently, they don’t all live close and it is well worth watching.

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The World’s Oldest Person Is Totally Chill About Turning 117

The World’s Oldest Person Is Totally Chill About Turning 117 | TIME.

The world’s oldest person has lived through two wars, the invention of the first airplane and the internet.  When asked about why she has lived so long, she replies that she wonders too!  Japan has the most centenarians in the world.  That is what is most fascinating to me.

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Mexican Woman Claims To Be 127 Years Old


Mexican Woman Claims To Be 127 Years Old, The Oldest Ever On Earth | Fox News Latino.

A woman who lives in Mexico just turned a reported 127 years old.  Her family claims she is the oldest person alive.  She cannot hold this title however, because her birth certificate (if she ever had one) was lost years ago.  She has buried all her children and many of her grand-children.  She sleeps for up to 72 hours at a time, and is deaf with severe cataracts.  Her family says she has lived so long because she was “always a fighter” and “never ceased to be active”.  Her family had to make sure she had plenty of rest ahead of time-and then was awake so she didn’t miss her birthday party!

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Peruvian, 116, Claims to be Oldest Woman

Peruvian, 116, stakes claim to oldest-woman crown – Yahoo News.

This 116 year old woman from Peruvia claims to be the oldest woman.  She has an identification card to prove she has lived in three centuries.  She said she eats a “natural” diet of “potatoes, goat meat, sheep milk, goat cheese and beans,”  (and no soda!).  The only thing she wishes she had?  Her teeth.


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Man Dies in NY at age 112

One A Day!


World’s oldest man dies at age 112 in NY | Fox News.

A man died this week at age 112 and credits his longevity to one banana and his daily dose of six Anacin tablets per day. (Anacin includes a mixture of Aspirin and caffeine). His daughter credits his long life to his personality- being stubborn and independent. A representative from the Guinness world record said 90% of people who live over 100 are women.

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