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Doll Therapy


Have you considered doll therapy when working with individuals with memory loss?  This article lists the pros and cons.  Overall, I think the benefits can be tremendous.  I have observed elderly women in long-term care who talk to their doll and care for it.  The doll is very comforting and provides great joy to the patient.

I just recently watched a documentary on adults- both men and women who are serious doll collectors (Barbie dolls and Reborn dolls) and they have no memory loss.  Some women even bring their Reborn dolls out in public and push them in strollers.

I think it’s a great idea.


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Does It Work? Long-Term Care Insurance


Why it’s Time to Change Our Approach to Long-Term Care | Fox Business.

Do you own a long-term care insurance policy? There was once a belief that this system would work- insurance to pay for time spent in a nursing home. However, as the Baby Boomers age, the long-term care insurance market has shrunk. In 2000 there were 100 companies that sold this insurance; in 2013, there are only a few dozen. Major ltc ins. companies have “abandoned the market because they cannot make the product work profitably”. According to this article, 70% of Americans will need long-term care at some point as they age; however, only 10% of Americans have ltc insurance.

This article discusses the need to create other solutions to pay for long-term care (like the private market becoming more involved). Currently most of ltc is paid for by Medicare and Medicaid (for those with low income). One solution was for an individual’s life insurance policy to be turned into a long term care benefit (instead of the money being left to a surviving spouse).

Other solutions (not in this article) that have been discussed is the government cutting, or limiting its coverage to seniors. (For example, no feeding tubes in certain scenarios).

If only Americans had more of a futuristic mindset, vs. a “what I want now” mindset. Unfortunately, most people won’t save for that rainy day, month or even years that may be spent in a nursing home. So many people are not eligible for Medicaid and can’t afford to pay for long-term care out of pocket. What is the solution?

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