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Have A Generous Spirit? You May Live Longer…

flower-8539_640 – Generous spirit may yield generous life span.

Even thought this article 10 years old, it is still relevant.  For seniors, the desire to volunteer, or to continue to give to others appears to actually increase life expectancy.  A scientific study was conducted and found this to be true. It found that people who were primarily on the “receiving” end, did NOT live longer.  Those who were “givers” tended to live longer.
Note- a “giver” was not defined as a caregiver for someone with a serious illness like Alzheimer’s. Those caregivers who give and give tend to burn out, and actually have more health problems. Interesting.


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Four Ways to Deal with Stress

Four Ways to Deal with Stress.

Do you want to know more about reducing stress in your life?  I certainly do. This is something I must work on.  I am learning (slowly) that you can’t control most things in life- really only your perspective and outlook.  Growing up in a family that had many issues of stress, I tended to see the world in a negative/fearful way.  Your general pattern of thinking is difficult to change.  But, thank God each day is new, and you can change!

This post goes with my other post today- “Stress and Your Body”.   In this article from the American Heart Association, there are four ways to deal with stress (such as positive self-talk).   If you have any other tips to reduce stress or to think positively, send them to me.

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