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Lack of Sleep- How It Hurts You


We all know infants and teens need a lot of sleep, because their bodies are changing so rapidly.  But, when we consider adults, and the elderly, we often don’t associate sleep as something we “need”.  Some people are even proud- stating to others, that they only need “5 or 6” hours of sleep.

I recently read a fascinating article regarding our “catastrophic” lack of sleep, and that research shows that it is linked to a host of fatal diseases.  A professor at Berkley states that sleep deprivation affects “every aspect of our biology”.  A lack of sleep has been “linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and poor mental health among other health problems”.  The article goes on to say that anything less than 7 hours of sleep is bad for our health.  Many view the need for more sleep as a trait of being lazy.  In short, the article states that a lack of sleep is killing us, and that we need to change our view of sleep and get more of it on a regular basis!

For more, read the article below.


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Seniors and Sleep Deprivation

Seniors and sleep: Why seniors are often sleep deprived.

Would you say you sleep well at night?  Have you considered how much sleep seniors need or reasons why they don’t sleep very well?  A good night’s sleep affects so many aspects of your life- certainly your energy level and other things like your mental outlook.  If you feel rested, you are more likely to be in a good mood.  I have two bulging disks in my lower back and haven’t slept well for about 10 years…. even with anti-inflammatory medication and trying different mattresses.  I am able to relate to those who struggle to have a good night’s sleep. Read the rest of this entry »

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