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Artist Michael Reagan

Have you ever been inspired by a senior who his making a difference in the world?  Here is a video on artist Michael Reagan, a man who has taken his love for art and turned his craft into fundraising for charity and donating art to the family of fallen American soldiers.


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Live Life to the Fullest

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98 Year Old Yoga Instructor- Still Teaching


This woman in this article below has had a very interesting and long life.  She has been a model, an actress, and once as a child she even took place in Ghandi’s Salt March.  At one time she was married, but she has no children.  She says her yoga students are her children.

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A Passion Keeps Us Healthy


Have you ever met someone who is passionate about something? Have you considered that their passion may make them healthier both mentally and physically?

Our son’s baseball coach is around 70 years old and it has been said that he will never stop coaching.  This man has been a coach for countless years; he is now helping coaching his grandson’s team.

I am certain, having something in life that you are passionate about- something you wake up thinking about and go to bed thinking about makes your life happier and healthier.

What is your passion?  Volunteering at a humane society, tutoring kids, working in your garden?  Don’t have a passion?  Find one, it’s not too late.

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How Basic Math Practice Can Help a Senior With Dementia


Here is a photo of my grandmother at age 95.  She has dementia and lives at an assisted living facility.  She is unable to care for her daily needs, such as going to the restroom, bathing and requires full assistance getting dressed.  She is no longer aware of society around her- she doesn’t know the name of the state she lives in, or the town.  She cannot recall the names of most of her family members.

She is however, able to recall her basic math facts!  She writes her answers slowly but really seems to enjoy the simple job of adding.  She is able to add numbers up to 20.  She can do some subtraction, but that is more challenging.  Working on the math sheets helps fill her day.  When she is praised for completing a sheet, she will look into your eyes and smile (something really special).

If you have a loved one like my grandmother, consider purchasing some basic math fact books- my grandmother can do Kindergarten level and some 1st grade.  Consider making copies, as my grandmother is happy to complete the same pages over and over.

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Bolivian Man Oldest Alive

Bolivian public records claim herder is oldest living person in history | Fox News.

According to the public records in Bolivia, a man who is 123 has the record for the oldest living person (unless you believe in the Biblical story- for there was a time when men lived hundreds of years….) For more, read the above article…

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